"I really appreciate your incremental approach that takes into account there is more than one way to find success. Everything we talked about makes complete sense; I feel fully equipped to put together productive practice sessions on my own until I come see you again. The validation that I am capable of swinging the way I want is absolutely exhilarating. Thank you so much Rick!"

Clay W.

"Hi Rick - wanted to thank you for the great lesson, time well spent...I now feel very confident getting up on the tee box with a driver (and any other club) and know that I can put one right down the middle! What a change, "snappy" is gone altogether and scores are improving."

Don C.

"Hi Rick, OMG! Higher, straighter and farther. I was able to incorporate all the things we worked on including moving my hips. Thank you."


"So far, so good. It feels natural and in control. Much better right away. What do those learning curve guys know anyway?"

Jim I.

"Good lesson this week. I won a tourney this weekend because I stuffed a few wedges into birdie range and sank some putts. The work paid off this week."

Chris K.

"Your last lesson about keeping the bend in my right wrist has really helped. Starting to hit some really nice irons! Can't thank you enough for your help."

Mark B.